About us

Brief company history, our mission and vision

Who are we?

Founded in 1995 as a small family business under the name Bonus Stan, its team now has its own design bureau consisting of highly specialized experts in the field of mechanical and construction profession in charge of design and statistical calculations, glass facades, as well as aluminium and PVC systems.

Our mission and vision

Our vision is to be associated with a company that sets higher standards in both business and living, to introduce and create new habits and trends. To be associated with a company that operates in harmony with the times...

Services we provide

- Design, manufacture and installation of all types of aluminium and PVC systems

- Tilt and turn (windows and doors)

- Glass facades

- Sliding systems

- Harmonic systems

- Glass fences

- Bioclimatic pergolas

- Greenhouses

- Guillotine systems

- Ventilated facades

By setting a good example, we try to be socially responsible and raise awareness about environmental protection. As a result, all raw materials considered redundant in our production will be reused (recycled).


We are proud to be working
on successful projects


Interested in joining our team?

Send us your biography with "career" in the subject line, and we'll contact you if we need someone with your qualifications. Thank you for your inquiry!