About us

Brief company history,
our mission and vision

As a small family business, Bonus Systems was founded in 1995 as Bonus Stan. After nearly three decades of successful business, the team now has its own design bureau, comprised of highly specialized experts in mechanical engineering and construction, in charge of design and statistical calculations for glass facades and other aluminium and PVC systems.

We have over 30 highly trained CNC operators and installers in addition to professional staff. Our professional staff is in charge of ensuring that the service we provide to our clients is of the highest quality, from design to production and transport to assembly and final product.

In addition to production, we have our own logistics and can provide transport and installation throughout Europe and the world.

The manufacturing process is carried out at the most modern CNC machining centres, where the majority of the process is automated to reduce the possibility of error. We use materials from world-renowned manufacturers of profiles and related equipment in the manufacturing process.

We have implemented a standard for the production and installation of our products in order to fully meet the needs of our clients: 

ISO 9001,  ISO 14001,  ISO 27001,  OHSAS 45001,  ISO 50001

Our Vision

Our vision is to be synonymous with a company that sets higher standards in the field of business and living, to introduce new habits and trends and create them. To be synonymous with a company that operates in harmony with the times to come.

Our Mission

Our company’s mission is to meet all of our customers’ needs with our products and services, to have a motivated and satisfied team that approaches each project with equal enthusiasm, and to improve the quality of life in the social and natural environment.